Si sono viste biciclette lasciarsi morire sulla tomba del padrone. Man sah Fahrräder, die sich auf dem Grab des Besitzers sterben liessen. On a vu des vélos se laisser mourir sur le tombeau du maître.

sabato 20 ottobre 2012

Metaphysical poem / Biking Manhattan (Yes call me)

Metaphysical poem
By Frank O' Hara

When do you want to go
I'm not sure I want to go there
where do you want to go
any place
I think I'd fall apart any place else
well I'll go if you really want to
I don't particularly care
but you'll fall apart any place else
I can just go home
I don't really mind going there
but I don't want to force you to go there
you won't be forcing me I'd just as soon
I wouldn't be able to stay long anyway
maybe we could go somewhere nearer
I'm not wearing a jacket
just like you weren't wearing a tie
well I didn't say we had to go
I don't care whether you're wearing one
we don't really have to do anything
well all right let's not
okay I'll call you
yes call me

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